How to register and how to use the 58Coin Exchange


How to register and how to use the 58Coin Exchange

I would like to explain how and how to register with the 58Coin Exchange in China’s emerging exchange.

58Coin’s Exchange token 58Coin has become a hot topic, but I will also explain how to book the Purchase lottery last.

First, access the following URL:


In (1), select Japan + 81 and put the cell number on the right with the exception of the first 0.(090 ~ 90 If)

(2) Click on the button to the right of the bottom and enter the SMS code received on your phone.

(3) Enter the password you made for 58coin below it, and check (4)

When you are finished, click the button at the bottom.


Once you sign in, you’re signed in and you’ll see a top page like this, and you can use it right away.

The next time you sign in with your mobile number and password.




How to Set

You can choose the one that is easy to use in Chinese and English because there is a language selection pull-down menu in the upper right.From here, we will proceed with the commentary on the screen when you select English.

Next to the account: 090 * *, you can put it in the various settings menu.Here you can set up your account information, security, and more.The two-stage authentication setting is also entered here.



Two-Factor Authentication settings

When you enter the Settings page, configure security settings, such as Two-Factor Authentication settings, from the Account Security tab.Click on the “Bind” link to the right of “Bind” in the “Security Settings” section in the middle of the page.


Click “Bind” on the right side of the screen as shown below.



It becomes the Google two-stage authentication setting screen.


(1) Refrain from (1) A string somewhere, for example, when a mobile phone is lost.

(2) by clicking on the mark on the arrow, the QR code will be displayed, so it is scanned in two-stage authentication app.

(3) Press the button to send the SMS code to the cell,

Enter a six-digit code in (4).

(5) Enter the latest 2FA code that is displayed in the two-stage authentication app.

(6) Check to change the two-factor authentication to Google authentication.

(7) Click Bind.


It also configures security other than two-factor authentication.

I think that it is comparatively safe if the item of the red frame is set as below.



“Funds password” in “Password Security” to “for trading and withdrawal”

“Login Authentication” in “Security Strategy” to “Via login password + Google verificatiion Log in 58 COIN”

“Second Authentication” in “Security Strategy” was “Second validation via Google verificatiion”

In addition, “Funds password” of “Password Security” was not able to trade for some reason error when trading.

You must register your name and ID number and nationality in the “Account infomation” tab in the “Identity Authentication” section of the drawer.


How to Deposit

To deposit, click [Deposit] in the upper menu, and you will see a list of coins on the left, so select the coins you want to deposit.

Because the address is displayed, it sends it from other exchanges etc. to this address.

Only deposits from 0.001 BTC or more are accepted.It is described as less and unreachable.



When the coin arrives, move the coin to the Spot account for trading. Click [Transfer] to the right of the coin to trade in [Wallet] → [Deposit & Withdraw] from the upper menu.



Because it becomes the screen like the above, select a Spot Account, put the quantity, you will be ready to trade in [Transfer].


Withdrawal method


Move coins from Spot Account to Deposit & Withdraw account in advance.

The withdrawal will select the coin to withdraw from the left in [Withdrawal] in the upper menu.


When you click Add New address, the screen looks like below.


(1) Name the address of the destination, such as the name of the exchange.

(2) Select External BTC adress.

(3) Enter the address of the destination.

(4) After this is turned on, this address can be withdrawn without two-stage authentication.

(5) Enter the funds password.

(6) Enter the two-stage authentication code.

Click Add to register the address.

You will receive an email confirming your address, so click the link in the email to approve it.


Return to the original screen, enter the quantity, click [Withdraw] and the withdrawal will be executed.



Counteroffers of coins on the 58COIN exchange


To buy a coin, first click on the logo at the top left to display the home page.


UCC USDT Select the tab to trade from [BTC] etc.

You’ll see a list of stocks below, so you can select a symbol.I want to buy a UCC to buy 58B, so I choose BTC/UCC.

When you select a symbol, it moves to a separate trading screen, such as below.


The trading is done from the menu displayed in the lower left referring to the chart and the board.

(1) Choose Buy (Buy), Sell (Sell).

(2) Select “Limit Price”, “Market Pricel”.

(3) for “Limit price”, enter the price.”Market Pricel” is blank.

(4) Enter the quantity

(5) You can specify the quantity by percentage using the slider.

When the input is finished, [Buy] [Sell] button to run the trade.

You will get the UCC by selling BTC/UCC BTC here [Sell].

If you get an error, please try setting “Funds password” in “Password Security” in Account Security settings.


58B counteroffers

Go to [Buy 58B] in the upper menu.As the 58B is displayed at the top of the page, a lottery reservation will be made between 10:00 and 22:00 (Japan hours at 11:00 to 23:00) on weekdays.

6.55 getting to one point in UCC.

It is necessary to prepare the UCC ahead because 58B cannot be bought unless it is UCC.

Enter the quantity you want to buy 58B, and click [Confirm].

The Payable Amount below the quantity shows the UCC consumed by the available UCC and the quantity you enter, so please enter this as a reference.


After the lottery booking is completed, a draw will take place at 22:00 (Japan hours at 23:00), and you will be paid 58B if you win.

I could buy only 36 points with a 373 point lottery reservation.


This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the 58Coin exchange.

58Coin Official site


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