How to register and how to use the AAcoin Exchange



How and how to register on the AAcoin Exchange

I will also explain how to register and how to use the AAcoin of China’s emerging exchanges.I want to cover as soon as possible the promising one that is the topic is a new Exchange rush.

Since it is still a new exchange, there are few stocks, but the AAT of the Exchange token is also a topic.Register and you will receive a 50AAT as soon as KYC is complete.KYC had information that was OK with Japan driver’s license besides the passport.

I think that the interface is comparatively easy to use because it is almost together with binance.

First, access the following URL:

You can choose Chinese or English by pulling down in the upper right.

Once you have selected your language, enter your email address, password and password confirmation.

Check the terms and click Register


Slide the slider to the right to match the puzzle.


If you succeed, you will receive an email from AAcoin.

There is an orange-shaped button around the middle of the email, so click to display the page.

When you press the login button on the displayed page, the login screen will appear, so log in with your email address and password.



Two-Factor Authentication settings


When you log in, you will be prompted to first Google Two-Factor Authentication.This is where you go to set up Two-Factor Authentication.

Click “Google Verification” on the left to become the setting screen.


(1) Back up the string

(2) scan QR code

(3) Enter the login password created for Aacoin when registering.

(4) Enter the latest 2FA code

When finished, complete the settings with the “Confirm” button.



How to Set


After two-stage authentication is completed, it becomes the account setting screen like below.

Click User Center in the mouse over to the person type avatar in the upper right.

Here you can set up a login password, SMS authentication, and Google two-factor authentication.

You can also click Next to the email address to go to the KYC page.





KYC is a green “Passed” next to the email address and the image of the previous setting method, but before registering it becomes the gray button of “not completed (not completed)”.There was information that the ID card was OK with Japan driver’s license.

Select “Other countries and regions” on the right because “China” is selected by default.

Then, enter your first and last name as shown in the image and select Japan, and Passport No. (license number in case of license).

Next, register your passport and selfie photo.

First piece’s a passport cover

Handsome’s passport photo page

Three nominal is a selfie with the paper which wrote “AAcoin” and today’s date like the image.

Be sure to check all the letters, so that you don’t see the certificates or faces.

Once you have taken a photo, save it and select each of them in “Click to choose”.

When the image is displayed, register it with “Submit”.

In my case the day was approved.



How to Deposit


The deposit displays the wallet in “My Assets” in the upper menu.

Click [Deposit] to the right of the coin you want to deposit.


The QR code and the address are displayed in a popup, so I send it here.



Withdrawal method


Withdrawal also displays the wallet in “My Assets” in the upper menu.

Click on “Withdraw” to the right of the coin you want to withdraw.


In the pop-up address, click on the Amount to put the quantity into the S:.



Counteroffers of coins on the AAcoin exchange


To buy a coin, go to the top page with the logo click on the top left.

Select the ETH or BTC tab, and select the symbol listed below.


The chart, board, history, trading box, etc. of the selected symbol are displayed.


To purchase, put the price and quantity in the Buy and sell box at the bottom right and press the “Buy ~” button.

If you want to sell just as you enter the price and quantity in the box on the right, press the “Sell ~” button.

It seems that only the current limit is supported.



Air Drop


When KYC completes, you will receive a 50AAT in your wallet.

I will report it here when details such as the start and sale of the AAT are understood.



6/21 Append

According to the official, the start of the transaction

AAT: 6/23 20:00 (Japan hours 21:00)

AMM: 6/24 20:00 (Japan hours 21:00)

Appointments and Things


This concludes the explanation of how to register and how to use AACoin.

AAcoin Official site



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