Altcoin Charts is convenient for the yen price.

Because I found a useful site, I introduce it.

It is very difficult to understand that the price of the Alto coin is built in bitcoin.

I found such a site where I thought it was inconvenient.

Altcoin Charts

The top page is an alto coin-converted price list.

This alone is convenient, but it is possible to manage in bulk by registering the asset of crypto currency in “Your Assets” page.

Because it is managed by a cookie, there is no need to register any personal information such as a troublesome email address to the site itself, it is very easy to use.

It is such a feeling ↓.

Just press the “Add Coin” button and enter the amount of coins you have, and you will see the current assets in yen.

The total is also displayed, so you can easily grasp the entire crypto-currency assets even across exchanges.

However, because it is stored in a cookie, you cannot use it unless you reset the browser or re-register it when the environment changes.

I wanted to create a similar administration site myself.

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