How to register and how to use the BINANCE Exchange

How to register and how to use the BINANCE Exchange

This time, I will explain how to use the deposit, remittance, counteroffers, etc. from how to register in BINANCE of the cryptocurrency Exchange (binance). 

As of June 2019, the number of transactions in the world is highest. There are a lot of stocks, and the promising stocks which are not dealt with Japan exchanges are roughly here.

Originally Hong Kong S.A.R. exchange, and the fee is cheap (usually 0.1% with its own token BNB 0.05%) on the chart and Operation menu, etc. very easy to use, the server is stable as popular can see why anymore.

You can easily register by email address only.

First, go to the following BINANCE Exchange official website


Click Create Account.


Because it becomes the registration screen, I put an email address and an arbitrary password and a confirmation of the password.

Please avoid the use of the password and make it long and complex.

Once you have entered the terms and conditions, check your consent and click “Register”.


As the puzzle below comes out, pull the slider to the right to match the puzzle.If it fails, it will come out again.


If you are successful, you will receive a confirmation email that says “success” and the email address you have registered.

Click Verify Email.


The screen below will activate your account and you’re done.

You can log in as it is by clicking the “Login” link.


It becomes the screen called “Safety Risk Notice” in the first login, but if Japanese display is better, you can translate it by clicking (1) The mark of Google translation at the top right (2) Click “Select Language” (3) “Japanese”.It is a subtle Japanese, but I think that I can understand it tentatively.This Google translation is available on most screens, including transactions, settings, and withdrawals.


When you translate, it will be the screen below, so check all the boxes on the right and click on “I Continue and understand” (I understand, continue).



Two-stage authentication settings

Next, you’ll see a screen that prompting two-step verification, and click Google’s authentication.


Because it becomes the screen like the below, if you do not install the two-stage authentication app on your smartphone, such as Google Authenticator, install, if you are already using the “next step” without doing anything continue to proceed.


Scan the QR code with the two-stage authentication app.


Save the displayed text (key) somewhere to keep it from being lost.


In the previous step, put the latest 2FA code that appears in the alphanumeric key, login password, and two-level authentication app, and click “Enable Google Authentication” (Enable 2FA).


You have set up two-step verification.

Next time, you will be asked to enter the latest 2-Step verification code when you log in or withdraw.



How to Set

To set up, hover over the avatar in the upper right and select account.


You can change your fee settings, change your password, set up two-step verification, and whitelist.

The fee is set to pay at BNB by default on.It is advantageous because the fee is half price when paying at BNB.

Two-step verification is already set up here, but if you want to reset it later, you can do it here.

If you want to improve security, you can limit the withdrawal address in “Withdrawal Address Management”.



How to Deposit

Enter and withdraw your mouse over the “Funds (Fund)” In the upper menu and select “Balances (Balance)”.

It is possible to go directly to the drawer screen from “deposits”, but here we will go from “Balances (balance)”.


All the coins are displayed in the initial state, but if you put the name of the coin you want to deposit in the box at the top left, it will appear below.

If you already have a transaction, check “Hide” (hide small) to narrow down the coins that currently have a certain amount of deposit on the exchange.If you do not have a balance, check it out.

Then click “Deposit” to the right of the coin name you want to receive.


The address will be displayed on the next screen, so send it here.The button below the address is the QR code and address copy of the address.



How to send Money

The money transfer is the same as the deposit, “Funds” (funds) → “Balances (balance)” After displaying the list of coins, check the “Hide”, click “Withdraw (Withdrawal)” to the right of the coin you want to send.

Enter the shipping address and amount, and click Submit to get the screen like below.


You will receive an email from the drawer confirmation, so you can check the contents and pull out the “Confirm Withdraw” (drawer confirmation) within 45 minutes.



Counteroffers of coins on the BINANCE exchange

If you select BTC, ETH, etc. from the top tab on the Home screen, you will see a list below and click on the stocks you want to buy.If it’s too hard to find, you’ll see that the box next to it will be narrowed down to the type of stock you want to buy.


When you select a symbol, it becomes the screen of the individual stocks.The price is displayed in real time in the situation of buying and selling by the board and the chart.


You can buy, sell, and operate under the chart under “buy” or “Sell”.

(1) Select the market (Buy) or limit (Buy), and enter (price) and amount (quantity) to (2).

The lower “25%”, “50%”, “75%” and “100%” can be easily specified as a percentage of the current balance.

When you type, total (total) is calculated and displayed automatically.

Press the green “buy” button below it to purchase.

By default, the fee is used by the original token of the BNB, which is 0.05%.

The selling is also operated from “Sell” in the same manner.


This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the BINANCE exchange.

Https:// official site)

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