How to register and how to use the BitForex Exchange


How to register and how to use the BitForex Exchange


I will explain how to register and how to use the BitForex exchange this time.


BitForex Exchange is currently gaining popularity and It is a mid-level exchange within the tenth place. (July 2018)

A pair of USDT and ETH is in the main.A lot of promising stocks have been added, and you can buy the topic GoNetwork, Essentia, SKYFchain, etc. here.

KYC is unnecessary for now.(May change in the future)

Details will be announced on July 15 for the Exchange token BF.

There is a limited time air drop until July 17, 2018.

For those who have deposited more than 100 USDT assets on the exchange, the ELF, CARD, CTXC, USDT, BTC, and ETH are distributed according to their holdings.

Since there is a snapshot at 7pm every day until 17, I get a lot of deposit as long as possible.


First, access the following URL:



(1) Select Chinese or English at the top right

(2) Select email

(3) Email address input

(4) Type the characters written in the image on the right.

(5) Enter the password you made for Bitforex

(6) Check the agreement

(7) Click “Sign Up”



(1) Click to send a code to an email address

(2) Enter the received code

(3) Click “Verification”


When the registration is complete, the top page will be displayed.

After that, log in with the email address and password you set here.



How to Set


Hover over “Asset Management” at the top and click “Security Settings”



This is the security and Account Settings screen.

Here you can change your login password or set up Google two-level verification.



Two-Factor Authentication settings


Click “Bind” in “Google Authenticator” to become the screen of Two-Factor Authentication settings.


(1) scan the QR code with Two-Factor Authentication app

(2) Save the string so as not to lose it.

(3) Press the button on the right to send the code to the email and enter the six-digit code that arrived

(4) Enter the two-stage authentication code

(5) Once completed, the setting is completed in “Confirm”.



How to Deposit


To deposit, hover over Asset Management, click Depoit, or click Deposit in the left menu.


Select the coin you want to deposit in the “Please choose a Token”.


The address will be displayed and will be sent here.



Withdrawal method


The withdrawal will hover over “Asset Management” and click “Withdraw” or “Withdraw” in the left menu.


Select the coins you want to withdraw from the “Please choose a Token”.



If the withdrawal is the first time, click “Add frequently Used address” to register the address.


Type a descriptive name for the name.

Enter the address of the destination in the Withdraw address.

If you press “Confirm”, you will be asked for a Two-Factor Authentication code and register with “submit”.


Once registered, the address can be selected as below.

If you send it to a registered address, you can select it later.


Select the registered address, enter the quantity and the fee, and submit in “Submit”.



Counteroffers of coins in BitForex


To buy a coin, click on the logo at the top left to display the home page.


The list is displayed, so click on the symbol to go to the trade screen.

If you can’t find it, you can narrow it down in the search form.



Charts, plates, orders, and trade forms are displayed.The trading is done in the red frame part in the lower right.


If you want to buy it, select the “Buy ~” tab and enter the price, quantity, and purchase in “buy”.

If you want to sell, select the “Sell ~” tab and enter the price, quantity, and sell it in “Sell”.



This concludes the description of How to register and how to use the BitForex Exchange.


BitForex Exchange Official website


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