How to register with BitMEX Exchange and how to use it (2018 latest version)

How to register and how to use the BitMEX Exchange

I would like to explain how to register and use BitMEX (bitcoin) exchanges that can leverage Bitcoin and alto coins up to 100 times.

If the margin is less than a normal leverage deal, there may be a minus (debt), but BitMEX can trade with confidence even for a beginner without any margin.In addition, there are few high magnification and stocks that are not in Japan, but it is a feature that the alto coin such as ETH and XRP can leverage trading. First, access the following URL:(If you apply for this link, you have 10% discount for six months)

Enter your email address, the password you made for BitMEX, the nationality, the name you want to be on the screen as below, and then click on the register to accept the terms and conditions.

For some reason, nationality automatically became the United States in my environment.Since I cannot proceed even if I select the Japan again, I was able to register without a problem when I registered with the email address of a PC from a smartphone.


You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you registered, so click Validate email.


An email confirmation message will be displayed and forwarded to the transaction screen.

Registration is complete and you’d be on a screen like this.


How to Set

When you select “Account” in the upper menu and click “My preferences” in the left menu, a large number of settings appear. You can set the details of the site color and theme, email notification, site notification, sound, confirmation dialog.I think that the default setting is good if there is no problem in particular.


Two-Factor Authentication settings

Two-Factor Authentication settings, select “Account” in the upper menu, click on “My Account” in the left menu, and you will see information such as personal information, security, password and so on.


For two-factor authentication, first select “Google Authenticator” in the “Enable 2 element Authentication” section of security. Do not lose the string below it, scan the barcode with Google two-step authentication app, etc., and enter and send the six-digit code that is displayed.


How to Deposit

If you select “Account” in the top menu, and click “Deposit” in the left menu, you will receive the deposit address as shown below and send it there. Only Bitcoin can be deposited and withdrawn.


How to send Money

When you select “Account” in the top menu, and click “Withdraw” in the left menu, the withdrawal method becomes the screen like below. Put the destination address, amount, and 2FA code, confirm the contents in the part that is the blue frame below it, and press “send”.

The transfer takes place once a day at Japan time around 22:00 (UTC) at 13:00.


Counteroffers of coins on the BitMEX exchange

Learn how to buy and sell coins. Select Trading from the top menu and select the stocks you want to trade under.Because BitMEX does not actually deal with Bitcoin, it represents “XBT” instead of “BTC”.1BTC = 1XBT.The alto coin is thin, and the maximum magnification becomes 50x from 20x.


The leverage is adjusted by moving the slider in the “holding position” item on the left. By default, the leftmost “cross-margin”, for example, XBT can trade up to 100 times. It becomes the shape that a substantial leverage changes by the increase of the purchase amount. If you move the slider to the right, it becomes “separation margin” and can only trade up to that magnification.Conversely, the loss cut value becomes shallow and you can limit the risk. I think that it is easy for a beginner to do a small transaction by a loose cross margin of the loss cut.


To order, select the order type (1) under the Order item (2) and click “Buy” or “sell” in the case of quantity or price (3). The cost of (4) is the cost incurred in the order, and cannot be ordered if it is more than the available Balance of (5).The order value is the size of the position that the leverage took in this order.


When you click on the confirmation screen, the details of this order are displayed.Press the “buy” or “sell” button at the bottom right.


When the order is complete, it will appear on the “Active orders” tab and will appear in the “Position” tab as shown below. The entry price is the price you purchased. “Mark Price” is the value that calculates the necessary margin separately from the actual transaction price.”Unrealized Gain and loss” is also calculated based on this value.Because it is a value referring to the price of the external exchange such as Bitstamp, it works with the price of the plate to some extent, but there is a case to deviate greatly such as the sudden change of market. The “Settlement price” is the price that is cut at this cost. “Realized profit and loss” is the fixed profit and loss such as the Commission of this position.


To settle an order, use the “Settle position” button on the right side of the Position tab.In the case of the asking price, put the amount you want to settle in the frame, and press “settle” on the right.You can also press the “narrow” button on the right side of the line.

This concludes the description of how to register and operate the BitMEX exchange.

BitMEX Official site

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