How to register and how to use the BKEX Exchange


How to register and how to use the BKEX Exchange

I will also explain how to register and how to use the BKEX in China’s emerging exchange.

BKK is also a topic of exchange token.You will receive a BKEX to exchange as soon as you register.


First, access the following URL:

(1) The language is displayed in Chinese by default, but you can select it from this pull-down.

(2) You can choose whether to register with the mobile number or email address, Japan is registered with the email address, so select “Email registration” on the right.

(3) Enter your email address

(4) Enter the password created for Bkex

(5) Confirm password

(6) Pull the puzzle to the right so that the puzzle appears with the mouse over the arrow.

(7) Click the button on the right to send the code to your email address.Enter the six-digit code in the email that you received on the left.


After entering all the checks, click Register to complete the registration.

When you’re done, go to the login screen like below and log in with your registered email address and password.

You will see the BKEX wallet when you log in.



How to Set


In the upper right, select “User Center (My page)” To set the settings.

Here you can call, Google Two-Factor Authentication, KYC, and so on.




Two-Factor Authentication settings


When entering the two-stage authentication setting, it becomes the screen like the bottom.

(1) Back up the string

(2) scan QR code

(3) Enter the first login password you set.

(4) Enter 2FA code

(5) “Verify and open” to set up Two-Factor Authentication is complete.





From the top menu, select the real name Verification (my page) from (1) name and (2) ID number, (3) Passport or driver’s license, and upload a total of 3 selfie shots.

The picture is an example of a passport, but the driver’s license seems to be all right.

I submitted the second passport and the inside of the back cover box (filled in) and passed KYC.You may also pass on the page of the foreign minister’s mark, etc.

Take the third selfie under “” to fit in one piece with the face with both the paper and the ID card which filled in today’s date (example: 2018.6.14).

Please be sure to check the character of the photograph, and not to be able to see the ID card and the face.


When authenticated, Real name verification is authenticated.



How to Deposit


The deposit is entered from the “topUp” in the side menu.

Select the coin you want to deposit from the top and you will see the address below.

You can easily address copy with “Copy wallet address”.



Withdrawal method


The deposit is entered from the “WithDraw” in the side menu.

First select the coin you want to withdraw from the top.

WithDrawTo to the destination address

WithDrawAmount Quantity

Login Password

Email code, click the button on the right to enter the six-digit code that was sent to the email

GoogleveCode Enter the two-stage authentication code

Once you have entered all the “ConfirmWithDraw (withdrawal)” withdrawal is complete.



Counteroffers of coins in BKEX


To buy coins, enter “coin trade” above.

Stock selection on the left, the chart on the center, the plate to the right, you can buy and sell red frame below the center.


The price and the quantity are put in reference to the chart and the Board, and it is purchased by “LIMIMT buy”.

If you put the price or quantity in the box on the right side of the sale.It is sold by “Limit sell”.



Air Drop


The registration was completed in a few hours and was in 4000BKEX.


Replace this with the Exchange token BKK.(The deadline for BKEX conversion is 12:00 pm on July 10)



BKEX Official site


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