How to use the standard Portfolio management app "Blockfolio" on your PC

For the first time today, I learned about the Portfolio management app called “Blockfolio”.

There seems to be some of this kind of app, but it is easy to use and seems to be the most used.

However, unlike the “Altcoin Charts” introduced the other day

Because this is a smartphone app, it cannot be installed on a PC as it is.

One of the ways to use this app on a PC is to use the emulator software called BlueStacks 

You can also use Blockfolio on your PC.

Mac, Win both are compatible, but each screen seems to be slightly different.

I’m using a Mac, and will be a description of using the MAC version of the screen,

Because the basic flow is the same, even if you use Windows, I think that it is probably not a problem.

First, go to the BlueStacks official page below.

There is such a link at the bottom, so download it.(The screen is a Mac version, but the language, OS, etc. Use environment is automatically recognized when accessing the site, it seems to be chosen appropriate)

Proceed according to the screen from the downloaded installer.

When the installation is complete, search for “Blockfolio” from the browser and install it in the screen below.I think that I can find it from “search” at the top left.

When the installation is over and you click All on the right, you should see a “Blockfolio” icon.

When the installation is complete and the “Blockfolio” is started, it becomes such a screen.

Please check there because there are a lot of reference sites about how to operate the Blockfolio.

I’m just starting to use it, but I don’t think I can figure it out.

It is good that the function such as a fine setting of the alert and the chart only the standard application is substantial.

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