How to register and how to use the COINEAL Exchange


How to register and how to use the COINEAL Exchange


This time, I will explain how to register and how to use the COINEAL exchange.

It is a new exchange opened in April.You can buy the NEAL of the exchange token.

The dividend is expected to be 80% of the revenue, and there seems to be a trade mining reward.

KYC is the passport is safe, but there is information of registration with a license.

* The Stock Exchange token NEAL is scheduled to 6/30


First, access the following URL:There is a special invitation link.If the Invitation Code field is blank, enter “ZGELZH”.


(1) Enter your email address

(2) Click “Send Sms”

(3) slide to the right

(4) Enter the code received in the email

(5) Enter the password made for Coineal

(6) Password confirmation


When you’re done, check the rules and click Register.

After that, log in with the email address and password you set here.



How to Set


Hover over the avatar in the top menu and click Account.


You can set up your account and security here.

Google two-level verification “Enable Google Authentication” at the bottom of “Security Settings” on the right

KYC is the “Submit” at the bottom of “Personal information” on the left.



Two-Factor Authentication settings


When you click “Enable Google Authentication”, you will see a screen like below.

Scan the QR code and copy and back up the text next to it.

Enter Password to login

Enter 2FA code in Google

Finally, the “Enable Google Authentication” setting is complete.





Click “Submit” in “Personal information” to go to the KYC page.

Select the Japan to Nationality, and then select the Passport ID Document Type.

Enter your first and last name, and your passport number.


Below that you will register a selfie with a photo of your identity card.

First piece passport cover

Handsome Passport Photo page

Comedian tried is a selfie with a paper and an ID and a face at the same time which I dated under the name like below.

I also put “COINEAL” to avoid being abused.

I was approved in a day with a passport in the way on.

There is information that you have registered with the license, “ID Document Type” and name notation is unknown.



How to Deposit


Deposit is entered from the top menu (1) “Assets”

(2) Click “Deposit” to the right of the line of coins you want to deposit

(3) Send to the indicated address.You can copy the address in “Copy adress”.



Withdrawal method


Withdrawal is also entered from the upper menu (1) “Assets”.

(2) Click “Withdrawal”.

(3) Click “Add an Address” for the first time.


Add address in the next page.

Select a coin with “Type”

External address input that you want to register with “address”

Type a descriptive name for the address in Label

Latest 2FA code input for “Google Authentocation Code”


Once you have entered all, register with “Confirm (confirmation)”.

If you send to the same address next time, you can skip the registration.

When you return to the original, you can select the address, put the quantity, and execute the withdrawal in “Submit”.



Counteroffers of coins in COINEAL


To buy coins, go to “Exchange” in the top menu.

On the tab at the top of the list of stocks on the left, select BTC, ETH, and so on.

The chart and the board switch to the selected symbol.


You can buy and sell from the middle red frame.


In the Upper tab, select “Limit” or “Market”, put the price and quantity, and buy in the “buy BTC”.

If you sell it on the right, type the same operation and sell it in “Sell BTC”.




This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the COINEAL exchange.


COINEAL Exchange Official Site



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