How to register and how to use Coinmama

How to register and how to use “Coinmama”

This time, I will explain how to use “Coinmama (Coin Mama)”, which allows you to easily purchase Altcoin’s Etheriam, Lightcoin, Bitcoin cash, Cardano, etc. with a credit card, and how to buy coins etc.

It is good reputation even if you look at the Overseas bulletin board and evaluation site, it is possible to trade speedy and safe.Has been operating for more than four years, seems to be running a reliable operation.

You will need either a passport or a driver’s license (the best international license) as your ID card for registration.

First, when you access the following URL of Coinmama.

The screen below will be displayed. Enter the e-mail address you want to register in the middle frame, and click “Buy Coins” on the right.


When you click on it, the following registration screen will be displayed. Your e-mail address should have been inserted automatically in the previous screen.

Make sure that your password is long and complex.

enter “First Name” and “Last Name”.

Below that, select Japan in the drop down menu.

When all is done, click Create Account at the bottom.


You will receive an email like below.

Click the link as instructed to access the page.


“Your email address” has been confirmed!

Click the “Log in to your Account” button below it and log in with your registered email address and password.


Identity verification

The initial login screen prompts you to authenticate as shown below.

Let’s Go! In the next step.


Because it becomes the screen to enter personal information, the basic is input all except “middle name (Middle Name)”.

I think that there is no problem in the feeling like the bottom.

Because “phone number” (+ 81) is put, I enter the number below 0 of the mobile because it is flipped.

For “Gender”, select Male  or Female.

ID used the passport.

When you’re done, proceed with “Next”.


ID table (the first page with a photograph in the case of the passport), ID (in the case of the passport in the holder of the inside of the back cover), three of the selfie with ID is required.

Please include your name, address and telephone number in the holder of the back cover of your passport.

Selfie is the ID  and “Coinmama” and today’s date (e.g., 11/05/2018) as the model is doing, the paper and your face is taken so that you can fully understand.Make sure you can see the contour or ID of the face.(Quite difficult)

Register each with “Choose a file (select)” or drag and drop.

Once you have registered, send your photos with Submit Documents at the bottom.


When the upload is complete, you will receive an email stating that you have entered the review.In a few minutes, you will receive an email with the review completed.If it is not received immediately, it seems to be good to see about one day when it is long as it is in the mail.The business hours are Japan hours from 15:00 to midnight on Saturday holidays.

After receiving the review email, log in to Coinmama and click “Verify Account” in the left menu and the “STATUS” in the upper right is “VERIFIED (authenticated)”.

LEVEL1 is now available for purchase up to $15,000.


The registration is complete.


How to buy a coin

Purchase coins from the upper menu or from the side menu to the purchase screen for each coin.

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoins, click on the “Bitcoin” at the top or “Buy bitcoin” in the left menu.


If you want to buy Bitcoin for a preset amount of money, you can go to the buy Now screen below, such as $199.95 or $999.95.

You can also move the slider below to freely set the amount of Bitcoins you purchase.In that case, click Buy BTC at the bottom.

The actual purchase amount will be added 5% of the card fee to the displayed amount.


Since there is no wallet on the Coinmama side, it will be sent directly to the address of the existing wallet that you own the purchased coin.On the next screen, enter the Exchange address you want to use in the red frame, and click “Go to Payout” below.


Enter the credit card information screen, enter all the information, and click Pay Now.

The red frame on the right will be the details of this order.

A total of 210 USD will be deducted from the card at 200USD and 10 USD for credit card fees.


The purchase amount and the address confirmation screen are displayed, and you will receive a confirmation email as below.

If it’s OK, click the link in the email.


You will see a screen stating that your wallet has been confirmed.

After you log in to Coinmama, you will see the completed and processed order list as below.


Just wait for the deposit at the address you specified.I received it in about one to two hours even four times that I used this time.

If you register once, you can buy it really easily from next time.

This concludes the description of how to register and how to use Coinmama.

If you have any questions or mistakes, please feel free to contact us via the comments section or the inquiry form.


Coinmama Official site



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