How to register and how to use the CoinPark Exchange

How to register and how to use the CoinPark Exchange


This time, I will explain how to register and how to use the CoinPark (Coin Park) Exchange.

You can buy CP for the exchange token.

Due to its partnership with Bibox and venture capital, such as Node Capital and 8decimal, which invests in FCOIN, reliability seems to be high.

The dividend is scheduled to be 90% (100% of the first two weeks) of platform revenue over FT, and there seems to be a trade mining reward.In addition, it is said that there is air drop in KYC completion.

* The trading token CP transaction is scheduled to commence at 7/4 p.m. (Japan hours).


First, access the following URL:

Enter your email address, password, and password confirmation, and press Sign up to check the terms and conditions.

If you have a Bibox account, you can also register in the Bibox account.


Because the authentication puzzle comes out, I match the puzzle.



A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

You will receive an email like the above, so click the link.


If you succeed, the page will appear as above, so click “Log in” to go to the login page.

When you log in with your email address and password, you will see the top page.




How to Set


You can hover over the avatar in the upper right to set up your account settings and Asset Management menu.

Click Account Information


You can change your password here, Google two-stage verification, and set the fund password.



Two-Factor Authentication settings


When you enter Google two-factor authentication, you will have a screen like below.

Scan the QR code and store it so that it doesn’t lose the code below it.

Enter the login password, the latest 2FA code, and click “Confirm (Confirm)” To complete the setup.





KYC selects the “Profile Verification” tab, which is the red frame of the picture on the “Account Information” page.

Region selects Worldwide.

From the top, enter your first name, first, and select Japan, and then enter your Passport number.


Below that you will register two photos of your identity card and selfie.

First piece’s a passport cover

Handsome is a photo page

Comedian tried is a selfie with a paper and a passport with a date written under “Coinpark”.


After registering, the application will be executed from the bottom “submit”.



How to Deposit


Click on “Main account” with mouseover to the upper right avatar.


A list of coins is displayed.

Click “Deposit” on the row of coins you want to deposit.(Exchange token CP is purchased at ETH)



The address will be displayed and sent here.You can see the current status in the Deposit history tab above.



Withdrawal method


The withdrawal is just like a deposit, hover over the avatar in the upper right and click “Main Account” to display the Funds page.

Click Withdraw at the far right of the symbol you want to withdraw.


Enter the remittance address, comment, and remittance quantity, and withdraw by “Submit”.



Coin counteroffers in CoinPark


To buy a coin, move from the “Token Trading” in the upper menu.


You will see charts, plates, orders, and so on.


Hover over the stock name at the top to see a list.

When you select a symbol, the chart and board are switched.


Buy and sell from the bottom right.

Enter the price, quantity, and purchase in the “buy”.

If you sell it on the right form, put the price, quantity, and sell it in “Sell”.




This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the CoinPark exchange.


CoinPark Exchange Official Site


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