How to register and how to use the Free Bitcoin

There are sites called faucet which distributes bitcoin for free.

Free Bitcoin” is the most famous and profitable faucet.

I will explain How to register and how to use the FreeBitcoin.

It is also compatible with the smartphone.



How to register Free Bitcoin

First of all, please visit the official site from here



Enter your email address and password for FreeBitcoin.(Let it be as complex as possible)

And then, you will receive an email and you can click on the link in it to complete the registration.

You can easily register.


Once the registration is complete you will be able to log in with only your email address and password.

Two-Factor Authentication is omitted here because the BTC amount we can get is very low at the outset and it cannot be withdrawn.

How to get a free Bitcoin

Once you’re logged in, click “Free BTC” in the top menu and you’ll see a roulette game with free Bitcoin every hour.


When you turn the roulette, you will see a number from 0 to 10000, and you can get bitcoin according to that number.

The current rate is 0.00000085 BTC to 0.08509262 BTC.

The higher the number, the lower the probability, the larger the BTC you get.

The rate varies depending on the situation at that time.



When I check “I am not a robot” as above, image authentication comes out.

When the image authentication is cleared, the “ROLL” button will be able to be pressed.


When you are done, a countdown will be displayed below, and you can turn it once an hour.

You can also increase your BTC at any time, such as on the go because it corresponds to the smartphone.(You can also set the alarm by checking “Play sound when Timer runs out”)



How to withdraw Bitcoin

Withdrawals are conditional and can be from 0.00030000 BTC or more.

If you accumulate more than that, in the upper menu “PLOFILE” → “Change withdrawal” as shown in the figure below

Enter your wallet address and FREE BITCOIN password and click “CHANGE”

Click on the WITHDRAW at the top and check “Auto WITHDRAW” on the “AUTO” tab and it will be automatically withdraw every Sunday.

If you want to withdraw directly, you can withdraw immediately with “INSTANT”.

The bitcoin you get in one day is small, but I think that it is not so bad because considering the price hike of the future Bitcoin.

Free Bitcoin official website

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