How to register and how to use the JEX Exchange


How to register and how to use the JEX Exchange


It is still a commentary on how to register China’s emerging exchanges.

This time, I will explain how to register and how to use the JEX exchange.

It corresponds to the Japanese, and it is a feature that the option trading can be done.You can also buy and sell other Exchange tokens, such as BNB and HT.

The JEX of the exchange token is expected to pay dividends in the same way as other emerging exchanges except for the half-fee.The details seem not to be finalized yet, but it seems to be attracting attention that a high dividend token will not be mushrooming.

If you do not use KYC, you can apply for a driver’s license or a basic resident registration card In addition to your passport.


First, access the following URL:

Enter “+ 81” as it is, except for the zero of the head to the right (90 * * * If the number is 090 * * *) and click Get Code.


Slide the slider to the right


Because the image authentication comes out, enter, and click “Submit”.


Enter the six-digit code, password, and password confirmation you received on your phone.

When you are finished, check the terms of service and click “Sign Up”.





After registration, you will be moved to the KYC screen.

Usually, the “personal Center” from the upper menu → “identity confirmation” of the side menu is moved.


When you move, you will be on the screen like below.KYC is a passport and Japan driver’s license, personal number card, Resident registration card (with a photograph), residence card, etc. are available.

The check at the top selects other countries, and enters the information of the identification card to submit, and chooses it.

Click Submit when finished.


After the first stage of KYC, the screen looks like the one below, and you are prompted to apply for the second stage.


When you click on label 2 certification, you will be taken to the upload screen of your ID and selfie.


First piece is the cover of Pashaute, handsome is the passport photo page, comedian tried registers the selfie.


Selfie takes both the ID and the paper which wrote the date under “JEX” at the same time as the picture below, and the face, the ID card, and the paper are taken to fit in one photograph.

Once registered, upload in submission.

It becomes possible to trade when the second stage finishes.

I had finished it in about one hour after I submitted it today.



How to Set


The setting is done from “personal Center” → “Security settings” in the upper menu.

Mobile SMS authentication, Google Two-level authentication settings, login password change, you can set the transaction password.



Two-Factor Authentication settings


When you go to Google two-factor authentication, you will get a screen like below.

Save your Account key and scan the QR code below with a two-step verification app.

Enter the code that came out into the Authenticator code, put the two-step verification check, and press confirm.


Next, set up a trading password.

You can set the transaction password setting of the same “security settings” as two-factor authentication.

Create a new one that is different from your login password and enter it in your password.

Enter the same one in the confirmation to the input again, and put the two-stage authentication (2FA) code.

You are done with the confirmation button to set up your trading password.



How to Deposit 


The deposit is moved to “property Center” → “Account information” in the upper menu.

When you press the “Deposit” button on the right side of the coin you want to deposit, the address will be displayed.

Send to the address displayed.



Withdrawal method


Go to “Property Center” → “Account Information”

Press the “withdraw” button to the right of the line of coins you wish to withdraw.


Because it becomes the screen like the above, I add an address first of all.

Enter the address that you want to send because it becomes the address registration screen.

Name the address, such as the name of the exchange understandable, and enter it in the tag.

When you’re done, put in a two-stage authorization code and press Next.


Return to the original screen.

Check the withdrawal address, put the amount out to the withdrawal quantity, and then press “confirm” to withdraw.




Counteroffers of coins on the JEX exchange


Go to the trading screen from the “Market Center” in the upper menu.

There is a stock list on the left, a chart in the middle, a plate on the right and a menu for sale.

First select a symbol from the list on the left.The Exchange token JEX is at the top of the BTC exchange.

While looking at the chart or board, you will enter in the bottom right trading box.

If you put the price and quantity, the total amount will be automatically entered in the bottom.

If you buy it, buy it, or sell it.




This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the JEX exchange.


Official site of JEX Exchange


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