First margin trading with POLONIEX

Because I was free, I began to trade margin transactions for the purpose of short-term trading with Bitcoin which was surplus in POLONIEX.

POLONIEX is able to multiply up to 2.5 times the leverage, it seems to be forced settlement if you cut the 20% possible new orders up to 40% maintenance rate.

Get 597.6 XPR At least 0.00010267 to the last minute.(Order by 600XPR) is currently descending.

Well the yuan is a few yen in terms of about 7000 yen, so the amount does not hurt even if you lose, I will practice short-term trading with this for a while.

If this Current Margin on the right is cut by 20%, it will be a compulsory settlement.

By the way, Loan Rate is 2% in the initial, but it seems possible to lower it from here.

I will explain in detail how to open an account in foreign countries and margin transactions in another page or another site.

Other currencies have a strong BTC and the GAME is a little weak from yesterday.

Is it a reaction that raised sharply?

If the number of buying and selling increases, taxes will Mendokusaku later.

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