How to register and how to use TOPBTC exchange


How to register and how to use TOPBTC exchanges


This is a commentary on China’s emerging exchanges of four consecutive topics.

This time, I will explain how to register and how to use TOPBTC.

At the exchange where the transaction height is already within 20 place, the TOPB of the Exchange token is also a topic.The listing date is scheduled TOPB 7/18 16:00 in Japan hours.

The interface is a bit distinctive and there are quirks, but I will continue to explain using the figure.

First, access the following URL:(There is a transaction fee discount in registration from the link below)

Click Register at the bottom right of the login form.


(1) Email address input

(2) Click on the “Send authentication code” on the right and enter the six-digit code that reached the email in the left frame

(3) Enter the password made for TOPBTC

(4) Confirm password

(5) PIN code.Enter a favorite string of 6 to 16 digits apart from the password.

(6) Check the PIN code

When you’re done, check and press the “Confirm register (Confirm registration)” button.

※ Email address was able to confirm the registration in Gmail this time, mobile carrier mail and Yahoo Mail can not be registered error.

In the future, log in with the email address and password you set here.



How to Set


When you register, it will appear as “success” and press OK to log in and go to the top screen.


Click the security (Account Safety) button in the Account menu.


Configure security settings from this screen.

Now on the “security” page of the red frame on the left menu.

SMS Authentication (China only?)You can change your login password, change your PIN, and more.

Google Two-Factor Authentication settings go to the Settings screen from “Bind Google Auth” in the left menu.



Two-stage Authentication setting method


When you go to the two-factor authentication setting, you will get a screen like below.

Scan the QR code and enter the 2FA code.

If you click on the blue text below the QR code, the backup string will come out, so keep it.

“Submit” is set to complete.



How to Deposit


The deposit is entered from “Deposit” in the left menu.

Select a coin from the red frame above and click on the green “Get deposit Address” and the address will appear in red letters.

Deposit to this address.



Withdrawal method


Withdrawals are entered from the “Withdraw” in the left menu.

Select the coin from the red frame above, enter the drawer amount, and click the Blue “Add coin Address” button for the first time.


A popup of the address registration like the following comes out.

Enter the drawer address and enter it in the Label with a descriptive name for the address.

Send the code to the email with “Send authentication code” and enter a six-digit code.

Complete the address registration with Submit.


Return to the original screen, enter the PIN code, you can withdraw in the “Immediate Cash Withdrawal”.



Counteroffers of coins at TOPBTC exchanges


Buying and selling coins first displays the home screen.

The list of stocks is displayed.

A pair of ETH and BTC is at the bottom.


Select from the symbol on the left to go to the trade screen by clicking.

When you move, the chart, board, and trade form are displayed.


If you want to buy, enter “buy” on the right side of the purchase form.

Enter the price, quantity, and PIN code and click the “Buy ~” button below to buy it.

If you want to sell, enter the same from the “Sell” on the left and click the “Sell” button below.



TOPB counteroffers


The Exchange token TOPB can be purchased before the listing for a limited period of 6/21.

TOPB can be purchased only at ETH and should be Deposit in advance.* Limited to 2ETH

8 million TOPB is scheduled to be sold daily until 21 days.

The sales start time is Japan hours at 17:00.


To purchase TOPB, go to the purchase page from “Purchasing TOPB (Buy TOPB)” in the upper menu.

At the top you will see the details of today’s sales minutes.If the blue bar on the top is 100%, it is the end of today.

Below it is the minute of tomorrow’s show.The countdown to the start of sales is displayed in light blue to the right.When time comes, it is displayed at the top, and “Not Started” on the right becomes “Logon”, and the color changes and the button presses it.


Press “Logon” to enter the input screen.

The available ETH is displayed in the Available Balance, so enter the amount of the purchase below it.If you click the full amount, you will see it below.The right Amount (number of purchases) is calculated automatically.

Press “Immediately Commissioned (Request immediately)” to purchase.

Because it is closed to be the upper limit of 8000000TOPB every time, the early one wins.

I started to write this article 6/15 so it is sold out immediately, waiting to log in front of the PC, I can not buy and feel like buying immediately when it is time.



This concludes the instructions on how to register and how to use the TOPBTC exchange.


TOPBTC Official site


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